Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Checkup

With Spring officially here, now is the time to inspect your house for winter damage. Starting at the top, look for loose and missing shingles. Look for standing damp spots which could be a possible cause of a leak. Seal these with a good fibered roof coating of some other quality product. Coming down from the roof, check the soffit for missing pieces and bird nests. Missing pieces are openings for small animals to come in looking for shelter and food. Replace all missing or damaged soffit pieces. Look for mold growing around windows and siding Clean the mold off carefully or hire a professional to deal with it. At the bottom of the house, check the foundation for cracks that have formed due to shifting of the ground. Repair these with a good mortar mix and work the mortar in as deep as possible. Open the foundation vents so air can start circulating under the house to keep it dry. Repairing small jobs can keep them from becoming bigger jobs later on. Have a great week end.